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Porn Addicts Anonymous

Postby jakovery on Tue May 02, 2017 9:05 pm


I wanted to let you know that the first New York City meeting of Porn Addicts Anonymous (PAA) will be held Monday, May 8, 7-8 pm at St Margaret's House, 49 Fulton Street, Manhattan. The meeting will be in room 3, which is to the left when you walk in the front door. (If you have trouble finding the room, you can ask someone at the front desk for help.)

If you are concerned about your own compulsive behavior regarding porn, you are welcome to attend. It's free and you're not expected to speak. You can just show up and listen if you'd like.

PAA is a spiritual program of recovery from porn addiction. We follow the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, but we're not affiliated with AA and take no position on alcohol or alcoholism. We welcome people of all religions and belief systems.

We've found that the taking the twelve steps allowed us to stop watching porn without fighting our urges or white knuckling. We tried many of the ideas offered in this and other forums, but they didn't work for us. We relapsed continually because we're not strong enough to resist. Porn had us beat. We had to find a power greater than ourselves to lift our urge to binge.

If your current approach is working for you, that's great and we wish you continued happiness in sobriety. We're not trying to tell anyone what to do. But if your methods aren't working, we think we can help. We charge no money whatsoever. We simply want to help as many people recover as we can.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about our process. The best way to explain it is in person or over the phone. So if you'd like to connect with me that way, I can be reached at

For those of you who don't live in the New York area, please still reach out and we will try to work with you remotely.

I wish you all the best in your journeys toward or in sobriety.

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Re: Porn Addicts Anonymous

Postby drbob1a on Wed May 03, 2017 7:09 pm

Good to see folks trying to help others recover. A question and a comment:

1. How is this different from SAA/SLAA? Because they're available in far more locations.

2. While I applaud the 12 steps approach, it's not always effective, especially in isolation. I think if you looked around here you'd find people primarily depending on 12 step programs, people using online resources, people working with other real-life groups, people working with counselors. And far more people using a combination of tools to meet their needs.
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Re: Porn Addicts Anonymous

Postby Olorin123 on Thu May 04, 2017 9:37 pm

I was in an SAA group for some time. I am interested to hear how PAA is different.

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Re: Porn Addicts Anonymous

Postby Hope(less) on Sat May 06, 2017 9:33 am

If you're an addict like me, then P addiction is just part of the problem. My compulsive sexual behaviors included, and were NOT limited to, masturbation, fantasy, intrigue, infidelity, AO with objects and clothing, voyeurism, paying for webcam liaisons, fantasy, etc. P was simply part of my wider addiction lustful actions and behaviors and attitudes - masturbation was the gateway, P quickly followed, and then the rest of the above, in a long list of cascading and ever more depressing behaviors.

What eventually helped me was SA, because it was the only program that, for me (and I speak for myself only, other fellowships may work for others and I have no view on that) which went past the acting out behaviors and into the heart of the addiction itself.

The acting out (P, MB etc.) was just the tip of the iceberg. If I don't deal with the rest of the iceberg, I'll get stuck in the iceberg again and again and again.

Having said the above, I wish you and PAA well and hope you can help some people, as there is a real need out there.
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